Reading Log 2016

Here’s my 2016 reading log! I find it helpful to keep track of what I’ve read and what I thought about it, when I have time. The Burn, James Kelman This book of short stories came recommended by UC Davis poet and fiction professor Joe Wenderoth. Really strange and claustrophobic short stories, but with extreme phonetic/colloquial […]

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In Defense of Cosmopolitan Magazine

Open up Cosmopolitan Magazine’s March 2016 issue and you’ll find tips for flirting with a guy at work (“Text him a funny follow-up!”) and a fashion-infused profile of actress-slash-beauty mogul Jessica Alba (titled “Billion Dollar Babe.”)

Between these pieces is an eight-page feature on the intersection of gun rights and domestic violence in America. The article includes an eye-catching graphic of a chocolate gun in a candy box surrounded by brightly striped truffles, and a handy flowchart for talking with a new romantic partner about gun ownership.

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