Session Notes: Noah [Biblical figure, dates unknown]

“You think, because it’s God, oh it will be thunderous all the time. Great buckets of rain! But some days it was just a drizzle, a little wind, barely moved the boat. Like it would stop any minute. That became the strange thing, that was a lesson I suppose: that what made it wrathful was that it just didn’t stop. And that meant that the storm could be patient. That God could be gentle, for a time.”

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Whatshisname at Drunk Monkeys

We walked during the days while the sand got into our packs and our shoes and we slept in a circle at night. It was safer to travel together through the desert. It was safer to travel together everywhere, but we only agreed to walk together until Vegas. Then we’d split. We wouldn’t miss Whatshisname. […]

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Reading through the Season

It’s that time of year again: the season of literary pub crawls and plentiful reading series. As it happens, I’ve been invited to read at three different events in the coming months! If you’re in the Bay Area and would like to hear me read aloud, here’s where to go. Hazel Reading Series: August 2018 […]

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Read Me in Mad Scientist Journal!

You can read my angry lady robot story “I, Angelica” in Mad Scientist Journal! The piece also appeared in their summer 2017 issue. I actually wrote this piece in my first ever creative writing workshop at UC Davis with the super generous Annie Liontas (if you haven’t read Let Me Explain You, you should go get it now).

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Godzilla in Potluck Mag

Thanks a bunch to Potluck Mag for publishing my short story “Godzilla” which is about Donald Trump. In an alternate universe, he lost the election and I never wrote this, and I’m really jealous of that alternate reality Wesley even though she is slightly less well-published than I am.

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