On January 2nd

2a799332-589d-4840-9940-51ab42884facOn January 2nd everybody went to the ocean and we each tried to remind ourselves of what was real, before 2017 became the backpack we wore to work every day, back when it was the rocket ship we were building. I want this year to be my rocket ship. Put your feet in the sand and remember how to watch the day happen gradual like the tide instead of turning the year over and spilling it out onto your floor when it’s over: moldy sandwich crusts. crumpled overdue homework. half-written journal. unmailed letters. Instead of all that, each day like a mechanic, each day like a Buddha: I work. I see. I strive. Yesterday to today to tomorrow, I watch my progress. Every morning I go to the shore and wake up. Next year I will go to the moon.

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