Whatshisname at Drunk Monkeys

We walked during the days while the sand got into our packs and our shoes and we slept in a circle at night. It was safer to travel together through the desert. It was safer to travel together everywhere, but we only agreed to walk together until Vegas. Then we’d split. We wouldn’t miss Whatshisname.

At sunrise, as we loaded our packs, Whatshisname pointed to the burrow of a ground owl and told us about what ground owls ate, and how they lived.

“They’re an endangered species,” he said.

“We’re an endangered species,” Lisa said.

Whatshisname told Keisha that she’d stay cooler if she put her extra t-shirt over her hair.

Whatshisname wasn’t his name. It was some boring white guy name, like Joe or Tim. We forgot it immediately. Maybe it was Bob. Maybe Bob was the worst.

Read the rest of this story about mansplaining after the apocalypse in Drunk Monkey’s pop culture issue!

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