Read Me in Mad Scientist Journal!

You can read my angry lady robot story “I, Angelica” in Mad Scientist Journal! The piece also appeared in their summer 2017 issue. I actually wrote this piece in my first ever creative writing workshop at UC Davis with the super generous Annie Liontas (if you haven’t read Let Me Explain You, you should go get it now).

This is what I tell the people who come to see me here: I did not show the Doctor that I was afraid of being put asleep in the basement forever. Instead I hid the fear where he would find it. Humans like secrets, so I made a secret of me. When I picked books to read, I picked stories of sisters. I asked him about Suffrage and Leah and Rachel and Rosalind and Celia. When I painted, I made rows of figures, beautiful and glowing, eyes shut. And slowly he found my fear.

read on at Mad Scientist Review

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