Diplomacy at Here Comes Everyone

To their first meeting, Marcia Hernandez of Earth brought a platinum-coated quantum computer containing evidence of all of humankind’s most impressive accomplishments, and Nyrgris Xxixa of Yrgrys brought a potted plant.

Over the length of her visit, Marcia saw many of these around the embassy, and most were larger and more impressive than the one she’d received. Similar plants framed the high-ceilinged greeting chamber, many-fronded and housed in fine, faceted crystal cases. Through the tunnel halls of the space station, these plants stood atop marble podiums in shining urns carved with symbols telling the stories of Yrgrys’s greatest peacemakers. Marcia’s plant was squat, in a simple stone bucket. It matched the ones in the bathroom.

Read the rest of my short story about plants and human nature and aliens on the Here Comes Everyone blog.

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