Joining The Racket

Catch me reading part of a new story at Adobe Books this Monday for the fabulous new reading series The Racket! Here’s the Facebook event; I’ll be joining Sarah Bardeen, Elizabeth Bernstein, Kendra Schynert, Lily Chien-Davis, and Galadrielle Allman in a terrific all-lady reading. 

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Talking and Listening at Tin House

Hello from Tin House Summer Workshop in Portland, Oregon! This is a weeklong writing workshop hosted at Reed College by indie publisher Tin House, featuring some crazy-good faculty and some pretty bad coffee. The week is centered on an MFA-style daily meeting with a group of 12 students and one faculty member of matching genre. […]

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Announcing The Rad-ish

I’m super excited to tell you about a new project I’ve been working on for a few months now: it’s a lifestyle and culture blog that I’m starting with four other young ladies called The Rad-ish. It’s modeled after these terrific conversations I keep having with the people I love: one of us starts telling […]

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In Defense of Cosmopolitan Magazine

Open up Cosmopolitan Magazine’s March 2016 issue and you’ll find tips for flirting with a guy at work (“Text him a funny follow-up!”) and a fashion-infused profile of actress-slash-beauty mogul Jessica Alba (titled “Billion Dollar Babe.”)

Between these pieces is an eight-page feature on the intersection of gun rights and domestic violence in America. The article includes an eye-catching graphic of a chocolate gun in a candy box surrounded by brightly striped truffles, and a handy flowchart for talking with a new romantic partner about gun ownership.

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Dear McSweeney’s: I am not Michael Cera or a Different Actor who Looks Like Him

Dear McSweeney’s, Don’t worry. I am not Michael Cera, or any other curly-headed, lovably awkward Hollywood lookalike. To clarify, I am also not Jesse Eisenberg, a different (but also lanky and intelligent-looking) film actor who received many comparisons to Cera after his cute-but-bumbling breakout role in Zombieland. I’d like to put your minds at ease […]

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Godzilla in Potluck Mag

Thanks a bunch to Potluck Mag for publishing my short story “Godzilla” which is about Donald Trump. In an alternate universe, he lost the election and I never wrote this, and I’m really jealous of that alternate reality Wesley even though she is slightly less well-published than I am.

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On January 2nd

On January 2nd everybody went to the ocean and we each tried to remind ourselves of what was real, before 2017 became the backpack we wore to work every day, back when it was the rocket ship we were building. I want this year to be my rocket ship. Put your feet in the sand […]

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This Salted Caramel Rum Pecan Pumpkin Spice Mexican Chocolate Peppermint Custard Tartin Will Make You Shit Your Pants.

Oh, the holidays. I remember sitting by the fire with my brothers while my mom stood by the stove for hours, moving the same tart dish in and out of the oven, adding more and more absurd layers to some nasty-ass insane holiday dessert before covering the whole thing with vanilla merengue, kitchen-torching the shit […]

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